Hunger Games Trailer!!!

Hey peoples of the world, sorry I haven’t updated in a while!  And I know it’s kinda late to be posting this, but THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER IS OUT!!!  😀 😀 😀  I cannot even begin to tell you how I reacted to the video.  It went a little something like this: screaming cause the trailer is finally out, completely silent throughout the trailer and screaming on the inside, then running all around my house telling my family IT’S OUT!  IT’S OUT!  Okay, that sounds more extreme than it really was, but it was pretty close to that!  Now here is the trailer for you all to see and enjoy! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hunger Games Trailer!!!

  1. “Her hair was BUBBLEGUM pink and must have been a wig because her curls have shifted slightly to the right after her encounter with Haymitch. She’s decked with a SPRING GREEN suit…”

    They got a few thing wrong (such as the description given above) but luckily they were minor… wasn’t Peeta supposed to be taller than Katniss? Looks to me as if he’s SHORTER then she is…

    I really am a critic aren’t I? xD Nah, it’s just that I don’t want them to ruin my favorite book by giving us a weird movie…

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