Submarine Sandwiches

Hey y’all!  I just had a very yummy homemade lunch of subs and salt&vinegar potato chips while reading The Hunger Games.  Mmmmmmm.  This is a short post today, but an important one!  There is a new page up: THE POLL PAGE!  Right now, the poll is about what you would like to see on the site.  If what you want most isn’t on there, please email me at  So go vote before I close the poll!

I’m going to be updating my fanfics soon, so never fear!  The reason I’ve been so long in updating them is because I’ve had a lot of inspiration for my book, so I’ve been working hard on that.  I also have family in from out of town, so, yeah.  I’ve been busy. 😉

If you’d like to be an affiliate of Fictional Fantasy, email me at!

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Actually do the weekly challenges!

WEEKLY QUESTION: Which Greek god and goddess are your favorites and why?


4 thoughts on “Submarine Sandwiches

  1. Hermes and Dionysis…

    Hermes cause he’s my dad and Dionysis cause he must be funny to watch when he’s drunk… xD

    He’s gonna kill me for that last comment xD

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