Passion Conference 2012

I just got home from an AMAZING day!  My dad and I went to the last day/session of the Passion 2012 Conference in Atlanta, GA.  My dad has some connections at Passion, so he was able to get us passes for for the day. (how many high school freshmen can say they went to Passion?)  About 44,000 people (mostly college students) were there.  The main topic of the conference was stopping human trafficking, but I wasn’t there for any of that. (I only saw the exhibits and giving stations)  It was absolutely INSANE how many slaves there are in the world—27,000,000—more than there ever were at any time in history.  Right.  Now.  Louie Giglio, head of Passion, talked about being a bold and fearless Christian in his message today.  We can stop human trafficking.  Passion 2012 raised over $3 million, $1 million on the first day alone!  All the money is going toward stopping human trafficking around the world, including the US.  GO PASSION!!

CHALLENGE: Participate in the contest!  There are only two entries so far, and I’m closing it January 11!

QUESTION: What can you do to change the world and be bold?


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