Writing Prompt #2: Volcano Madness

Howdy everybody.  Here’s the second writing prompt!  Only one person sent in her story for the last prompt (it was great btw), and I would love to see more! 🙂

WRITING PROMPT #2: Jas gulped.  She couldn’t believe this was happening.  But here she was, on the edge of a volcano with her best friend Daniel.  But they weren’t tourists snapping shots of a dormant volcano, they were captives, on the edge of a bubbling, seething mass of molten rock.  Their captors were like no people she had ever seen before: primitive, savage-looking, and blood-thirsty.  They spoke no English.  Jas exchanged a scared glance with Daniel, wondering if they would ever make it out alive.  Their chances were very slim as it was.  She shut her eyes tight, remembering how they had gotten into this mess in the first place. *flashback commences*


Super sorry I haven’t updated anything in a while, but there is a new poll and I have the contest results!  The winner iiiiiiiiiiis………..Jonathan Shelnutt!  Check out his script below!

SETTING: Camp Thornhill, Georgia, Present Day
Camp Thornhill is a camp where people can learn skills like archery, swordsmanship, tanning, or any other medieval style skill, and actually live in a simulated castle. They get to go on quests, find dungeons, fight bandits, and work in the different venues in and around the castle.

Alex Flatt (Protagonist, thief)
Emily Flatt (Sister, comic relief blade master)
Devin Brink (Best friend, ranger)

Emily: So I went to underwater basket weaving class today.
Devin: Is that a joke?
Emily: No!
Devin: They would have that class here.
Emily: You’re supposed to ask me how it went.
Alex: Did you know that you can stab someone in the liver and it takes them almost a day to die?
Devin: That’s disgusting.
Alex: I know, right? Hey, do you have some time? I need your help for something.
Devin: How much time?
Alex: About… a day…
Devin/Emily: NO!
Alex: You have no appreciation of science.
Devin: I like my liver.
Emily: Guys!
Alex: Ew. That’s gross.
Devin: Wha…
Emily: GUYS!!
Alex/Devin: What?
Emily: You’re supposed to ask me how my class went.
Alex: You know what, Devin? I’m hungry. Let’s go to the dining hall and grab something.
Devin: Like what?
Alex: I hear that they are getting a lot of liver lately.
Devin: Forget it.
Emily: What am I, chopped liver?

Well, congrats to Jonathan!  He is now entitled to a short story/editorial/drawing on the site, which he is free to email to me at any time.  Thanks to the other participant, Isa Daughter of Athena for her contribution!  I should be starting a new contest in the very near future, so stay tuned!  Also, if any are interested, I will be putting up a new section for the stories people come up with for the writing prompts.  When you email your prompt to me, tell me if you would like it up on the site or not.  I’ll only be doing this if there are at least two prompts sent to me, so send away!  You can email me at julia.fictionalfantasy@gmail.com.

CHALLENGE: Send in your stories for the writing prompt!  Remember — it’s good practice to write everyday, even if you feel like you have absolutely NO creativity left.  Just go where the writing takes you.

QUESTION: If you were about to be thrown into a volcano by wild savages, what would you do/what would happen? (Feel free to get creative on this one 😉 )


4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #2: Volcano Madness

  1. Well, if I were on the brink of a volcano with savages, I think plan A. would involve tumbling down the side of the mountain screaming like a madman. Plan B. would be if I had some sort of weapon, which is to feign injury until someone got close enough for me to hold him hostage.

    1. I think I’d most likely die (although that’s not very optimistic) or somehow escape and try to stealthily run through the vast jungles surrounding the volcano 😉

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