The Spirit of Writing

I feel so bad about not posting for the last FIVE DAYS.  My excuses are as follows: writing random parts of my book, school, and watching Downton Abbey.  Fictional Fantasy has a new affiliate — an esteemed Percy Jackson website, Blue Trident!  Thanks to the webmistress, Christine!  If you’d like your website to be an affiliate of FF, email me at  I have a new recommendation up, about a Greek mythology book that I LOVE!  It’s only about $5 at Barnes & Noble.

This post is short, but I have an interesting topic: the spirit of writing.  Now, I’m not saying that this is a tangible thing, I’m just personifying writing. (if that makes any sense…)  The other day, in the middle of doing my homework, I got this feeling.  I’m not sure how, but I knew it had to do with writing, and I needed to write something, anything.  So I pulled up my handy dandy (notebook!) list of ideas on my laptop, and barely glanced at the first one when BOOM a new document was opened and I wrote about a page and a half about that idea.  As soon as I finished, my euphoric writing feeling passed, and sadly, I had to go back to doing my homework.  This probably doesn’t sound very exciting to some of you, but the story was for my book, and would be in the last book of the series I’m planning.  I “discovered” some things about my characters and made an exciting plot twist that I know no one would ever suspect.  I often find that I’m not so much creating my characters and story; it’s more like I’m on a treasure hunt, and I’m finding out new things and characteristics about my characters.  In other words, it’s like I’m reading the story in bits and pieces, all out of order: like a puzzle.  Sometimes, I completely disregard that I am a fifteen-year-old girl, and I giggle like a five-year-old when I write/”find out” a new idea or chapter for my book series.  Hopefully one day I’ll get it published! 🙂

CHALLENGE: Vote on the POLL for your favorite genre and submit a writing prompt!  Check out the posts below for prompt #1 and prompt #2!

QUESTION: Have you ever been touched by the “spirit of writing”?


2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Writing

  1. Wow I feel like this all the time- most of my character’s really unique characteristics come about this way. Writing does feel like a puzzle- like those sculptors who ‘free’ the statue from a piece of rock.

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