Time is of the Essence

I have realized two things: one, I get my best ideas either half-asleep or in the shower; two, I need to pick up the pace with all of my writing.  This includes my book, Demigod Diaries (yes, I will be updating soon), and my book-idea-turned-movie-script.  Life is pretty good though.  I’ve started trying to teach myself how to play the piano.  Ah, how I regret not taking more lessons.  Music is very important for writing, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts.  I absolutely thrive with music playing, but I usually can’t focus on anything else if it IS playing.  And as you would assume (and you would be right), focus is key to EVERYTHING!  Yesterday at school, I had to take a quiz on the movie Casablanca.  Buuuuut my teacher forgot the quizzes and made us write a summary of the movie instead.  In five minutes.  This included a reason why the movie was considered an American classic.  Don’t think I’m ranting without purpose—I have a point coming.  Because this five-minute quiz was so short notice, I had a hard time focusing on the movie and what to write.  This taught me a pretty important lesson.  As a writer, you should be able to write something off the top of your head at short notice.  I mean, what about essays on a test?  You have about a minute to figure out what you’re writing about before you have to start, not stopping until you’re done.  So how do you use that time?  Easy.  You write your essay.  You focus.  But that’s not so easy, is it?  No, you have to force yourself to focus on the blank sheet of paper in front of you.  You have to force the pen in your hand to write the words slowly forming in your mind.  Sometimes you have an hour, sometimes you have five minutes.  So challenge yourself.  Set a timer for 10-30 minutes and say to yourself, “When the timer goes off, I have to finish the sentence I’m on, and stop writing.”  This will get you writing faster and your thoughts will flow more easily.  Try it out with this new writing prompt!

WRITING PROMPT #4: Alice peered through the glass.  There was no reflection.  Cautiously, she stuck her hand out and through the the translucent mirror.  Pulling it back, she tilted her head in curiosity.  This was something new.  She shoved both arms and shoulders in, the momentum throwing her forward and through the mirror.  When she looked up, she was in an elegant rose garden.  Glancing behind her, she saw a mirror leaning against a stone wall.  How odd.  She seemed to be in another world on the other side of the looking glass.

I am now your (self-proclaimed) personal fanfiction critic!  Email me your stories at julia.fictionalfantasy@gmail.com!


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