Athenian Wisdom

I’m sad to say, I don’t think I’ve written (with the exception of small jotted-down ideas) for the past two weeks.  Yes, I know.  I’m a horrible excuse for a writer.  But sometimes you need a break from writing, or you don’t feel inspired to write.  My characters haven’t been calling to me, but that is ALSO a sorry excuse for not writing.  You should force yourself to write, even if your writing is completely and utterly horrible.  You can rewrite or edit it when you’re feeling the Spirit of Writing!  I recently found an old birthday gift (from 3 years ago…) I never got around to using on my bookshelf.  It’s called “The Aspiring Writer’s Journal”, by Susie Morgenstern.  After picking it back up a few days ago, I can’t see how I never used it in the first place!  Basically, the book contains 365 days worth of writing exercises for any young writer.  The exercises range from writing about the mysterious side of a piece of grass to coaching you on fiercely editing a story you’ve written.  Each day has a quote that goes along with the exercise, mostly from authors.  But I expect not many (or all) of you have this book, so I’ll end this post with a quote, and I challenge you to write a story, whether real or fantastical, using the inspiration from this quote.

“Hatred, like love, feeds on the smallest details; it swallows anything.”  ~Honoré de Balzac


There is now a new section up: Mythology Stories!  Right now, the only story is The City of Athens, by Jonathan Shelnutt. (it’s really good!)  He has graciously allowed his rewritten mythology story to be an example for the contest.  There haven’t been any entries yet, so hurry to enter because it’s closing soon! (and just to make you feel guilty, you need to practice writing more anyway, so you might as well give this a try)  You can also have your story put up on the Mythology Stories page if you would like to.  Also, if you haven’t already seen it, there is now an official blog for Demigod Diaries!  All the Jake/Kira stories are on there, as well as all of the current Alex ones.  Check it out here, at!

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QUESTION: What is your all-time favorite mythology story, out of any mythology?


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