This is going to sound really weird, but have you ever just watched steam?  It twists and swirls, shooting upward as if it had a life of its own.  The motion of steam seems almost ghostly.  I swear I stared at my mug of tea the other day for ten minutes, just observing the steam.  Sometimes the little things in life are the most inspirational.  I was completely captivated by water vapor, of all things.  I know it sounds kind of stupid, but yes, it really did happen.  Right now, I am fighting off a small cold.  As well as sitting next to a nice warm fireplace.  Now I know everyone hates getting sick, but I challenge you (as well as myself) to write a scene where your character(s) is/are sick or dying.  It might bring out whatever raw emotion you’re feeling at the moment.  If you bring real feeling, without actually saying “he/she felt…”, then you’ve achieved something.  Sometimes just writing down what you’re feeling in an extremely emotional moment is a good way to remember the feeling so you can use it in your works, whether it’s elation, anger, confusion, or sadness.

The Greek Mythology page has been updated with a TON of new Greek mythology links that I have found very helpful.  And over 2000 individual people have viewed FF!  Thanks for the hits everyone! 🙂

CHALLENGE: Write a story using a recent emotional experience as an inspiration.


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