Versatile Blogger Award

Now sadly, this post will not contain anything about fantasy.  I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Cassidy Cornblatt, whose blog is The Writings of Cassidy Cornblatt.  Go check it out! (he has good writing advice 🙂 )  And now for my three tasks!

1. Thanks so much for liking my blog enough to give me this award, Cassidy. 🙂

2. Here are the awesome blogs I would like to nominate for this award! (I don’t follow 15, but here are five)

The Original BURP Blog
Thornhill Forge
Emily Hearn
Quenching Fire
Rebellion Radio

3. And now for seven things about myself:

  1. I just returned from an AMAZING youth retreat weekend with my church, literally about four hours ago.
  2. I can’t draw or write poetry to save my life.
  3. If I had to watch one movie for the rest of my life, I would watch “The Parent Trap” (w/ Lindsey Lohan).
  4. I did my first dissections, a worm and a crayfish, in science class two weeks ago.
  5. I took voice/singing lessons for two years, but I learned how to play the ukulele in two days.
  6. Legend of Zelda video games are pretty much the only video games I play, although I don’t play them that often. (the GameBoy Color games are the best out of all of them!)
  7. I’ve been writing stories (mostly fantasy) since I was nine years old.

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