The World Will Be Watching…

This is more of a normal blog post than my usual fantasy-writing-tips post.  It has a little bit of writing stuff though.  Today was a very productive and exciting day: I got a TON of ideas and new plotlines for my book series, I wrote my first “real” poem, and I got my mockingjay pin in the mail.  Writing down an idea whenever it comes to you is super duper important when you’re a writer.  That way, your thoughts are clear.  If you wait for too long, you might only remember a small part of your amazing idea, if you remember it at all.  So far, with all of my various plot lines, my characters look like they’re moving towards a happy ending.  I don’t know if that’s just how the story is moving, or it’s me unwilling to let go of my awesome characters.  Onto the next great thing of my day–I wrote my first actual poem!  Sure, I probably wrote couplets and one stanza poems in first grade (I bet they were about puppies….I really wanted a puppy when I was little), but this poem is actually a poem.  You’re probably still not following me, so decide for yourself if I wrote “real poetry” or not.  It was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”, so if it sounds similar, you know why. 🙂

I and Death, Death and Me
By Julia Koslowsky

I COULDN’T stop to visit Death
Upon his tranquil hill.
Instead of this, he took his horse
Where I had taken ill.

He sat down by my bedside
Without a sound or sigh—
He gently reached across the quilt
And put his hand in mine.

A rasp escaped my burning lips:
“I hoped you’d come to call.”
Answered he, “My dear, you’re free—
Why need you stay at all?”

So up I rose from ‘neath the sheets
Which were as white as snow.
My pallid hand in his remained,
My soul a forgotten glow.

Walking through the moonlit land
I saw no bird pass by.
I asked and he gave answer:
“When they’re dead they do not fly.”

Lovers of a foreign kind
Are I and Death, and Death and me.
Companions to Eternal life
Together we will be.

Please tell me what you think!  Poetry isn’t something normally inside my comfort-zone of writing, so this a big jump for me.  I was only inspired because my research paper is on Emily Dickinson, and my literature class has been doing a lot with poems this semester.  I guess you could say that I’ve been in a poetic mood lately.  And now to the BEST part of my day: mockinjay pins!!  I got my mockingjay pin in the mail today, and I am suuuuper pumped about wearing it (and slightly dressing up as Katniss) for The Hunger Games midnight premiere tomorrow!! 😀  I’ll write a review of the movie for my next post.

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QUESTION: Will you be going to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games?


13 thoughts on “The World Will Be Watching…

    1. Oh! I forgot to mention your poem. I really liked it. It was… chill-inducing, which, for me, means that it was really good. I don’t get chills very often, and only if I really enjoy something.

    2. Yeah that’s how I learned to do it. I don’t know at I would do without sparknotes!! mine is always slightly lopsided though so I think I’ll just do a French-fishtail braid.

      1. Haha! Yes! Let’s! That was so much fun, and I am all for trying out the other characters! If we do Eowyn, we should do it when her hair was in the bun. I like that one a lot! 🙂

      1. YES! haha we are so going as elves!! 😀 and def some type of Legolas hair…..I’ve been experimenting… *trails off into evil-ish laughter**

      2. Haha! Yes!!!! I need to start looking up the other Elvish hairstyles… I plan on doing that soon! Why oh why must the movie not come out till later this year?!?

  1. I WILL BE GOING TO THE MIDNIGHT PREMIER!!! >u< Again, I'm all excited xD Are you dressing up? Like, as a character?

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