Get a Little Perspective!

Today’s post is all about perspective in a book, or as it’s usually called, point of view.  There are many different ways you can present your book: first person, third person, multiple perspectives in both first and third. (if there’s a second person, I’ve heard nothing about it)  In first person, you read/write from the POV of the main character (i.e. Percy Jackson, Hunger Games).  In third person, you still see everything from the main character’s perspective, but you aren’t inside their heads, like everything is happening to you (i.e. Harry Potter).  You can probably guess what multiple perspectives are: views from various (but usually main) characters in a book (i.e. LOTR=third; Kane Chronicles=first).  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want the perspective to be in my book.  At first, I wanted to have multiple third person perspectives in my book, switching around my main characters’ POVs.  The only problem is, the number of those character POVs would grow from two to possibly eight by my planned 5th book.  So it got me thinking, what if each book was in the perspective of one of my main characters?  Or what if I picked two or three characters and stuck with their POVs throughout that one book?  Depending on how I want to tell my story, I could choose any one of them.  Perspective sets the tone for your work, sometimes controlling how your story unfolds.  Think on that, and figure out what POV type works best for you.

I finally posted the newest Demigod Diaries.  Check out the DD Blog to read it!  I also added a Motifs page to Literary Lessons, but I haven’t had time to add anything to it yet. (look for that soon!)  And, I am happy to announce, that I will be teaming up with Gil (The Original BURP Blog) to write a story series based off of my short story, Elementa!  It probably won’t be out for a while, as we’re still in the planning and character process….be on the lookout for it!  Jonathan has also told me that he hasn’t forgotten about Wrathgate—another one will be out soon. 🙂

CHALLENGE: Fool around and write in different POVs/other character’s perspectives (besides your main character)

QUESTION: Vote on the Demigod Diaries poll!


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