The Liebster Award

This is the second blog award I’ve received, given generously (again) by fellow blogger Cassidy Cornblatt.  Thanks so much, and be sure to check out his blog! 🙂 I am now required to answer the 11 questions given by him, award the Liebster to 11 other blogs, and give them 11 questions to answer as well.  Here are my answers to Cassidy’s questions:

1. Why are you a writer?
I’m a writer because I love to create, and I love to read. I want to live up to the legacies of writers such as Tolkien and Lewis, who are my all-time favorite writers. Writing is an outlet for me, and even if I wasn’t interested in publishing, I would write for the fun of it.

2. How do you come up with your ideas?
Tough one… Sometimes I have to think carefully about my plotline and characters, but most of my ideas just seem to pop up out of nowhere. I get really inspired by mythology, so that helps fuel my creativity.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?
Wherever it’s quiet enough that I can concentrate.  😉 I love writing when it’s raining outside, so wherever I am when there’s precipitation, it works for me!

4. What do you do besides writing?
I hang out with friends, play guitar, ukulele, and sing, as well as reading every book I can get my hands on.

5. Is writing a hobby for you or a career/career path?
Honestly, I see it as both. I’m very interested in eventually publishing a book series or two, but I’m really writing the story for me, not the world, and it’s something I really enjoy doing.

6. Do you think writers should have to be decent editors of their own work?
In some ways, yes. To be a writer, you have to understand how to edit, how you constantly strive to make your story better. But sometimes, writers absolutely fail at editing their own work and need someone else to point out what needs fixing. No writer could possibly catch every mistake or plot hole on their own.

7. What do your friends/family members think of you writing?
They’re all very encouraging, and are interested in my stories. I don’t know if anyone in my family is a “writer” by nature (my cousin might be…), but I have a bunch of friends who are, and we’ll talk about our plot and characters and so forth, bouncing around ideas.

8. Do you have any inhibitions when it comes to writing?
I can’t write when it’s loud or there’s music playing. I need silence. Need it. Also, if I’m writing a story I haven’t roughly outlined, I get stuck on plot points, whether large or small, resulting in writer’s block. (the bane of my existence!!)

9. What type of main character do you prefer to write/read about?
Reading: the broken who are forced to become strong, or who rise up in their brokenness, but not in a way that seems completely stereotypical.
Writing: almost the exact same thing, but I like to throw in shocking details about ancestry, powers, family, etc. Crazy plot twists are extremely essential to my characters.

10. Do you prefer writing or reading?
*sigh* Do I really have to choose? My love of writing was birthed from my love of reading, especially books like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, so the two go hand-in-hand. (I’m terrible at picking favorites)

11. How often do you write?
As much as possible, which, sadly, isn’t as often anymore because of school and other activities. I am constantly jotting down ideas though, and I’m finally starting to gather the pieces of my book’s plotline together. I really need to set aside time every day to write, but writing shouldn’t be forced–you don’t exercise your creative muscles that way. You just strain them.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

The Blogs to Which I Award the Liebster Award (I know it’s short of 11):

Screenwriter On Location
Tamara Rokicki
The Original BURP Blog
Thornhill Forge
Daniel Koeker

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

My Questions:

1. Who is your favorite main and supporting book characters and why? (they don’t have to be from the same book)
2. Are any of the characters you’ve ever written based on you, whether solely or loosely?
3. As a writer, do you prefer writing a story on paper or typing it on a computer?
4. What inspired you to become a writer? Another author, person, or story?
5. How do you cope with writer’s block?
6. Do you consider yourself to be more of an architect or gardener type of writer?
7. Has anyone in your family ever inspired a character, perhaps without you realizing it?
8. Is it harder for you to come up with your protagonist’s quest or your antagonist’s scheme?
9. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
10. How do you normally react to criticism, especially negative criticism?
11. What is your writing environment like?


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