Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year.  A list of what I love about this season would just go on and on.  The trees changing color, bonfires, hot chocolate all the time, the cool, crisp air.  It’s all amazing.

This week, my literature teacher had my class write sonnets, suggesting a few topics we might write about.  Autumn was one of them, and I honestly didn’t read the rest of the list after I saw it.  I haven’t posted anything “original” in a while, so I thought I’d share it with you all!  It’s in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, so the rhyme scheme is uncomplicated and easy to follow. (ababcdcdefefgg)  This is only the second poem I’ve written, and I’m surprised by how much easier it is for me, as poems used to be very hard for me to write.

~ Autumn by Julia Koslowsky ~

Let me tell you a tale
Of a land ‘cross the sea
Where the crisp winds wail
And the cold comes quickly.
Where drinks flow like brooks
And the fires burn bright
Leaves crunch underfoot
As the sun wanes to night.
Here ancient dwellers
Trade their greens for new hues—
And when the winds bluster,
They shiver, amused.
I have no doubt they would plead you to come
To theirs, the fair land of Autumn.


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