Writer’s Block

Writer’s block.

We all get it, we all hate it.

I currently have it, and it is the most annoying thing in the world! Hoping it would help, I wrote a poem about my frustration with writer’s block. All I ended up with was a poem about writer’s block; my writer’s block refused to leave. So here’s my poem, dedicated to my fellow sufferers.

Writer’s Block

My words are tangled in my tongue
I cannot seem to find
The inspiration in the pages
In front of me. I tried.

These stupid people will not speak
They will not let me know
How their stories start and end.
It’s the Arctic with no snow!

Maybe quoting famous authors,
Such as famous Shakespeare,
Will help me in this fruitless quest
To write my words on paper near.

Can this block be broken?
Yes, it has been done before.
But not today, I just can’t think,
I just can’t think no more!

Oh no! I have bad grammar!
Look where I am now!
This horrid block has finished me —
It’s eating at my core.

Maybe soon, it will end,
And words no more will stop.
But for today, I’m through, I’m done
Coping with writer’s block.


One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. Been there..done that…just try writing about an entirely different subject. Not about something you are comfortable with, but a recent experience. Sometimes it works for me. If not just put on ‘ the tin foil hat ‘ to avoid the other voices in my head.

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