Blogging Beowulf

I decided to go over all my old blogs tonight and came across one I made for a project last year.  It’s a modern retelling of Beowulf, and I’ve been told that it’s reminiscent of the Percy Jackson series as far as tone.  The blog is short and intended to be humorous, with comments from all the characters.  Check it out! 🙂


Blogging Beowulf by Julia Koslowsky


2 thoughts on “Blogging Beowulf

  1. Quick question. I love your blog here but what about percyquest? Are we just gonna let that die???? I’d love to help keep it alive. Four years ago up until this past year I’d make it my goal to get home after school and check it out to see what news they had found.

    I’d love to keep that tradition alive that I did for a younger generation. Especially since I’m off to college

    1. You can contact Natalie, but I’ve since stopped writing for PQ. I honestly haven’t checked the site for months. The site fizzled out after the crash a few years ago, and we lost our passion for demigods along the way.

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