The Brevity of a Dying Fire


I was looking through some of my poems recently, and I stumbled upon a few I haven’t posted. I wrote this one almost an entire year ago, even though it only seems like three months since I wrote it. What I wanted to achieve with this poem was the image of a fire burning out in a dark, shadowy place; to evoke the sense that with the fire die emotions, temperature, and light. I could probably go much more in depth to achieve this sublime image, but you know poems; they beg for brevity.

Dying Embers
By Julia Koslowsky, 2/5/13

Fire falling into dust
Embers burning brightly
Ashes swirl on the ground
Breezes blowing softly.

Darkness covers all the world
The fire soon will die
Whispers echo everywhere
Ashes start to fly.

Embers growing colder now
Their lights fade all around
Dying colors, they cry out
Dark wind drowns out all sound.

Fire dark and ashes spread
The colors are no more
Softly singing through the night
Dark wind knocks at my door.


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