Riding the Rails


Recently, I’ve picked up an old writing project. Remember Fire+Water: The Elemental Saga? If you’ve been following this blog for a year or less, you probably don’t. It was a blog novel I cowrote for a while with my friend Gil, but we stopped writing about a year ago after seventeen chapters. I’ve been using Pinterest to storyboard a little — I call it Project Element at the moment. I’ve taken to using code names for all my writings projects, and Pinterest is a fun way to organize and build characters and worlds.

I’ve written a lot in the past week. I’ve always had plenty of stories and ideas that have come and gone like the ocean’s tide, and my favorite creation got too complicated in its plot. I’ve put it away in favor of this one.

Picking up a project after a year is kind of refreshing in a way. There’s a pretty firm foundation, and there aren’t a million characters to keep track of. Fire+Water is technically a prequel to my short story ELEMENTA (which I just revised – go check it out!). Revising Elementa sparked new inspiration, and I resolved to continue the saga from the end of the short story, using it as a sort of prologue. This failed epically because all I kept writing about were my teenage characters from Fire+Water, who are adults in Elementa. This story is the first time I’ve felt like I have something substantial to write about, that the world and plot is real enough to become something. Hopefully this is the beginning of that something. I really am terrible with making time to write every day; I’m not the most disciplined when it comes to writing outside of random bursts of creativity. When inspiration dies, I jump to a new or previous project.

But I want to stick with this one for a while. I think I’ll approach it differently than what I’ve done before and just write it out. Just write and write until it wraps itself up. I have an idea of where I want it to go, but sometimes you can’t see past the bend in the tracks.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s time to put the pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and become someone else; namely, a girl named Aria.


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