Three is a Magic Number


I cannot believe it has been three years since I started this blog! Well, three years and two days. I’m a little late on the anniversary post. I haven’t posted as much this year, but I’ve written a few poems that have made it onto the site. I also dabbled in some song-writing this year, but that was sporadic at best. The biggest change in the past months has been adding the Magic Spreadsheet into my schedule, making myself write every day. I took a little time off from it this summer, but I’m back in full swing. There are a few story ideas that keep coming back to my mind, and hopefully one day I’ll get to write them. For now, I’m going to stick with the ever-growing, ever-changing fantasy series that is my pride and joy. I’m hoping that this year, as I apply to colleges and begin to navigate through the unknown, I will actually have at least one book.

This past year was a good one, and the next looks to be pretty great. Scary to think that I will be in college when I write my four year post……ahhhh. Thanks so much for reading, everybody!


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