Between Skies



The color of our planet from the sky. It is the color of Earth even when we can still pick out the reds of the soil and the green of the trees.


It is the part of the sky beneath the clouds, that little pocket air sandwiched between those masses of white and the ground. If you squint, the blue planet looks like another sky, a real sky. That sky is the kind of blue that shocks you with the thrill of eternity and solitude. This ride is a journey that goes on and on. Who’s to say when it will end?


As the clouds draw closer together, blanketing the blue earth-sky, the blue cracks the white surface. The clouds become an Earth, an endless tundra of wind and sunlight. White mountains rise in the distance. They are soft, not jagged like the mountains of the earth-sky. Scattered across the tundra, the blue lakes and rivers change the skyscape into a sea dotted with icebergs. The soft mountains float effortlessly across the earth-sky.

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