City of Darkness

By Julia Koslowsky

“It’s raining embers on a city of darkness,”
They cried as the watchful people grew hopeless,
“The sky is on fire, the clouds are alight!
But behind us are skies turning quickly to night.”

Embers fell fast through the City of Darkness
The people ran blindly through pathways unchallenged.
They fled from the thunder and fled from their fears,
Their vision grew blurry through vast unshed tears.

Fluttering fires caught the City of Darkness
Caught it aflame, and the flames they were monstrous.
The rumbling thunder came up in a flash
And the skies poured down with a furious crash.

The embers consumed the City of Darkness,
So much in fact that it became nameless,
No longer known as the City of Darkness.
Instead, only ashes remained of its wrongness.


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