Winter Sky

By Julia Koslowsky
Why can’t we just watch time fly by,
Sitting under a winter sky?
Laying in a grassy field
‘Cause we’ve got time and wounds to heal.
We’d dream of days of summers past,
Now faded into icy blacks —
The chill of rainfall all around,
But it turns white when falling down.
Cars fly by and so does the clock,
But here are we with the music stopped.
The colors turn white in the stormy haze,
And we’re feeling our way through pouring rain.
I couldn’t believe when you stayed with me —
In this cold white desert I was trying to breathe.
The winter sky is getting colder now;
I can’t believe we didn’t see just how
The time flew by and we didn’t care
Didn’t think about tomorrow, didn’t think just where
We saw the summer ending and the winter begin
Supposed to feel deadened, but we never did.
The cold blew in and the rainfall came
Covering us and all the names
Of the colors disappearing in frigid air
Melting through the walls like they didn’t care
About the end of summer and the start of rain,
Closing their eyes as if it shut out the pain.
This world in white is getting colder now,
And I see your face reflect the sky and how
There’s no trace of yourself in eyes so bright —
The way they used to look on those summer nights.
Here, the winter sky brings a change in us
Defeating and reducing all our newfound trust.
So we just sit back and watch the cars go by,
Sitting under this winter sky.
Am I supposed to tell if it’s over soon?
By that time, maybe, I’ll be ready to lose.
When the time comes here, when we win it all,
And the summer comes back with our call —
The winter will fade and all the rain and then
We’ll go dancing in the streets; it will never end.
We’ll race in cars we used to only watch
‘Cause we hold our fate and now it’s tightly locked.
Our hearts are bursting open with this summer air —
I never saw you laughing like you didn’t care
About the hard times we had left behind
Because we just start dancing to the music we find.
I guess this is insane, ’cause yesterday we were
Sitting ‘neath a sky, white as winter’s scourge.
But that sky and that time just all flew by
We’re not sitting in a field just wondering why
All the birds and the trees were silent then,
And why the rush and time never just stopped when
We were trapped in the winter that caused all the pain
That we tried to stop, but no, never again
Will that winter sky come because my heart now
Is just too full — warm sun beats on my brow.

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